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Seraphim Gaia Link Meditations:

These can be facilitated for small or larger groups, upon request

Seraphim Gaia Link Matrix of Light

The Matrix of Light Meditation is a gift from the Seraphim Angelic Realm for our Diamond Light Bodies. It is an inter-dimensional energetic pattern of the highest Divine expression, a still point of peace and enlightenment; A PLACE To BE WHO we TRULY ARE and be nourished in the recognition of our individual, unique potentials.​

Seraphim Gaia Link for Planetary Development

Planetary Development is a beautiful meditation that deeply connects us into Gaia's 5th dimensional crystalline grid. We receive her nurturing energies as well as an energetic download from the Seraphim angel . Taking part in this meditation is not only uplifting vibrationally for you, but it is also a beautiful way to be in loving service to Gaia as we infuse even more love and joy into her heart!

Should you be interested in becoming a meditation facilitator of either or both of the Gaia Link Meditations, which you can then share with your community in helping others become familiar with these loving and healing energies,

I would be happy to provide your facilitator training. $60.00 fee. Email me for details. 

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