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Welcome to Sacred Awakenings Healing Arts!

       Sacred awakening takes place when we begin to journey from head to heart rediscovering our Divinity along the way. As Sacred Awakening's Reiki Master, I believe wholeheartedly that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience in order to realize our full soul potential, unique purpose and inherent worth. When we begin to respond to the whispers of our higher selves, or soul, we begin to uncover our own unique gifts and ability to heal ourselves through alignment with our intuition and higher truths.  The path to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional healing can help us to take an exciting, sometimes challenging, and always inspiring journey deeper into our heart.  As we return to our authentic selves, we return more deeply to love. 

Sacred Awakenings Healing Services

Choose a session to begin or expand your healing journey today!

 Beyond Quantum Healing Session 

$285.00  4-5 hrs. 

A Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session is an opportunity to say YES to an empowered self-healing journey through deep consciousness exploration facilitated by your BQH practitioner and supported by your Higher Self, guides and healing team. This deep journey within brings empowering clarity!

BQH ~ Quantum Expansion Package

$800.00  10+ hrs.

This expansive package of 3 Beyond Quantum Healing  sessions  brings energetic harmony, multidimensional self-realization and heightened self-love into your journey of soul mastery.  Deep healing on all levels as well as long-sought clarity can be found deep within  our subconscious as we follow the guidance of our Higher Selves! 

BQH ~ Quantum Alchemy & Awakening  

$1100.00 15+ hrs.

Quantum Alchemy and Awakening is a customized client support plan that offers 3 BQH Sessions, 2 Intuitive Reiki Energy Healings and 1 Spiritual Hygiene Coaching Session. Step into the pure love, ancient wisdom and alchemical magic that you already truly are! Your Higher Self and Spirit Teams await! 

Group Regression

90 mins.  $45.00

With this shorter quantum healing journey in a supportive group format, participants are guided deep into the expanse of their limitless consciousness. From there, we gain access to the healing energies, snapshots of timelines explored, introductions to multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves and sometimes answers to long-held questions. 

Intuitive Energy Healing

75+ mins.  $120.00

Experience the powerful yet soothing restorative  energy of Reiki in-person with a Master Practitioner. This session provides deep relaxation and energetic healing  that can restore peace, calm and vitality while clearing blockages and reducing physical pain and anxiety. Other quantum energies may be used to activate deeper healing and awakening.

Distance Intuitive Healing Session

60 mins.  $100.00

Distance virtual healings using the Reiki,  crystal energies and used for the same reasons as in-person sessions and are equally as powerful and transformative. Distance Reiki will assist in promoting healing and wellness on the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional levels. 


Reiki for Children

45 mins.  $75

All children are born with individual gifts. In a Reiki session, children learn to connect with their intuition more deeply to enhance self-awareness and learn calming and grounding strategies, such as breath work, to promote happiness and wellness. Self-care habits early on promotes life-long wellness and self-love. This session is for ages infant-12.

Seraphic Wisdom

Through the purely unconditionally loving energies of the Seraphim Angels, we are afforded expansive heart opening and personal growth. You can become a Practitioner of Seraphic Wisdom through The Seraph's Love and Faith Class or a New Earth Guardian with The Birth of The New Avalon; Canada The Land of Dreams is Awakening. These energies activate our highest potential while allowing practitioners to be of service to our planet and humanity. 

Spiritual Hygiene Session  

60 mins.  $100

Committing to a daily spiritual hygiene practice is crucial to maintain an energetically pure and sovereign space around you, especially important for empaths.  In this coaching session, you'll learn daily techniques for setting your personal space, breath exercises for grounding/ activation and feel-good tools/meditations to raise your vibration.

I Look Forward to Co-creating Joy, Harmony and Healing Together!

Hours of Operation:

Saturdays 11 am - 6:00 pm MST.

Sundays 10 am - 5:00 pm MST. 

A 24-hour cancellation policy applies. 

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